FedEx and USPS Delivery on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day in 2021

Does the FedEx delivery service run on Christmas Eve? Yes, and it may run on a reduced schedule on Dec. 24. While some busi companies will be closed or operating with limited service, FedEx, and USPS will make deliveries as usual. FedEx and USPS do not observe federal holidays on Christmas Eve, but they do make scheduled deliveries on the day. In some states, federal employees get paid administrative leave on this day.

Federal employees get paid administrative leave on Christmas Eve

Many people wonder whether federal employees get extra time off around Christmas. The answer to that depends on where December 25 falls in the week. The last time Christmas fell on a Saturday, federal workers were given a four-day weekend. Then again, in 2004, Christmas fell on a Saturday. So, even though they won’t be getting additional time off, the fact remains that many federal employees will have the day off.

In addition to this holiday, federal employees also get a day off work on the day before the new year. This year, the new year will fall on a Saturday, so that’s a day off for most people. However, because New Year’s Day falls on a Saturday, federal employees will get a day off in lieu of a holiday. Also, in 2022, the first day of the year is a Saturday, so the government will honor the holiday as usual.

Some states observe a partial day off on Christmas Eve

Most employees will enjoy a day off on Christmas Eve, which falls on January 23 in 2021. It will be the second straight year that President Barack Obama has given federal employees a day off on Boxing Day. President Barack Obama also made it a legal holiday to recognize Juneteenth in 2021. The holiday marks the day when the last African American slaves were told they were free in 1865.

Federal holiday regulations dictate that non-essential government workers are entitled to a full day off. The majority of government offices are closed on federal holidays. However, because Christmas Eve falls on a weekday, private companies are free to decide whether they will close or observe the holiday. Most private companies will observe Christmas Eve, but some will choose to close early. Similarly, some states will allow employees to take the day off on Christmas Eve if it falls on a workday.

Some busi companies may run a reduced service on Christmas Eve

There are a number of engineering works scheduled for this period. Most major bus companies will continue to operate their usual service on Christmas Eve, but there may be some changes. Some bus companies may run a reduced service on Boxing Day. While many bus routes will be operational on Christmas Day, many services will be cancelled or have reduced frequencies. Depending on your destination, you can check the status of services online.

Some bus routes will operate with special schedules and alterations to departure times. Among these routes are Q4, Q5, Q6, Q17, Q25, and Q27. In addition, some bus companies will run a reduced service on Christmas Eve. Those routes may include the Q36, Q43, and Q17. Regardless of whether you take a bus or a train, be sure to plan ahead of time.

FedEx and USPS will make deliveries on a regular schedule despite the observed federal holiday

UPS and USPS will deliver packages on a normal schedule on Juneteenth. Both companies do not release any statement about their holiday schedule. The company said Monday deliveries will not be made, but it should be noted that FedEx makes deliveries on Sundays, too. USPS makes deliveries on Sunday, too, but only to residential locations. In the years prior to 2021, UPS and USPS made deliveries on Sundays.

Unlike UPS, FedEx and USPS will continue to make deliveries on the day of the federal holiday, which is celebrated on January 26. However, they will make deliveries on a reduced schedule, and they will be closed for retail transactions on this day. For this reason, they will make deliveries on a normal schedule on other days. In the years to come, UPS and USPS will continue to make deliveries on a regular schedule, despite the observed federal holiday.

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