Dating May Be A Struggle in Portland. What’s the Deal?

Dating May Be A Struggle in Portland. What’s the Deal?

“I have actually dated in san francisco bay area, Seattle and Colorado, and… though there have been bad times, they certainly were definately not the trash fire that is dating in Portland. ” — Isabelle

It’s true, you can most likely find hot provides similar to this discussed any town — but perhaps the industry experts agree that Portland’s scene that is dating unusually tough to navigate.

The Great like Debate podcast known as Portland the fourth-worst devote America to get love this past year, and countless Reddit users and OregonLive commenters happen saying a similar thing for a long time.

Therefore what’s the deal with Portland’s dating scene? Here’s just what our sleuthing has resulted in to date.

#1. It’s worse for some individuals than the others

Anecdotally talking, probably the most group that is frustrated of is apparently solitary ladies in their 20s and 30s, whom spoke down en masse once the O’s Lizzy Acker composed about dating woes final November.